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  • Abstractometry at the Frist Center

    Mark Scala, Chief Curator for the Frist Center for Visual Arts in Nashville TN, writes about James Perrin for the "Abstractometry" exhibition:

    "Instead of syncing different mediums, James Perrin combines radically different painting techniques within each work. Many of his paintings feature sinuous lines and electrifying gestures woven together with images of humanity to suggest the elasticity of time, space, and consciousness. In MN-AD11-12 (2012, fig.7), chromatic brilliance and a dense layering of marks make it difficult to tell if it shows a human figure at its center, with arms and legs fully extended. This would not be like Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian Man (1460), asserting humankind as the measure of all things. Rath- er, it embodies the energy arising from the interaction between entropy (things falling apart) and the gelling of new forms and ideas.Fig. 7 Fig. 8

    Perrin’s Walmart (2012, fig.8) paintings similarly cloak the mundane with mystery. Each image is formed of two distinct layers. The primary or under-layer contains palimpsistic glimpses of aisles, sales bins, and floors. Clusters of paint scrapings have been accumulated on the surfaces of these interior views, with a randomness that seems to defy the control of the artist’s hand. This detritus covers Walmart’s fixtures like volcanic debris or exploded consumer goods; the modern Pompeii bringing ca- tastrophe onto itself."

    Link to full Abstractometry Show Guide: