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  • Abstractometry

    When: Aug. 30-Feb. 2 2014

    A lot of people try to write off abstract art by saying it looks like something their kid could paint. Let’s pretend, just for a moment, that they’ve got a point: Sometimes you want to see something that blows your mind, and truthfully, that something rarely looks like a messy drop cloth. That’s why art exhibits like The Frist’s Abstractometry, which opens today in the Conte Community Art Gallery, are so vital. Abstractometry shows abstract work that packs a punch — James Perrin’s psychedelic canvases are anything but rudimentary, and Terry Thacker’s series Allegory: Petite Tigers is modeled out of news images of a roller coaster that was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. In all there are eight of Nashville’s most talented artists featured in the exhibit — Alex Blau, Patrick DeGuira, Warren Greene, Ron Lambert, Christopher Roberson and Amelia Winger-Bearskin join Perrin and Thacker. In the exhibition statement, Frist curator Mark Scala explains, “By using text, geometric elements or other unexpected images, these artists present work embedded with perceptions of society that are open to interpretation.” How’s that for urbane?
    — Laura Hutson